Daniel Sheron & Andrey Vanyn
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Dan Sheron is the principal songwriter, vocalist, and multi-intrumentalist for the American rock'n'roll band Balto. After a failed attempt to begin a journalism career in Moscow and several unfortunate developments in his personal life, Dan went a little crazy. In the summer of 2010, without saying goodbye to his friends or bothering to pack a bag, he jumped a train at Yaroslavl station and went to Ulan Ude with a child's guitar and journal that quickly filled with songs. Balto was born in that Platzkart car, singing and drinking with new friends, somewhere between Omsk and Krasnoyarsk.

At the end of the summer, Dan went back to the US and recorded those compositions with a band made up of his closest friends, which became Balto's first album, October's Road. Many tours and adventures followed - 2012 saw the release of Balto's second record, Monuments, while 2013-14 saw a long stint in Kyrgyzstan and intensive writing for the bands latest releases - an EP Call it by its Name in 2015 and a forthcoming LP in 2016.

Balto plays unbridled, American, Song-driven Rock and Roll - steeped in the mythology of the great folk storytellers and the Motown groovers. Biting cynicism, instant classics, rip-your-heart-out live energy, a willingness to swagger, shred hard, and live behind the beat. Dan's songwriting takes cues from the canon of legendary writers - Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt, Jackson Browne, John Lennon, etc, as well as more contemporary influences - Alabama Shakes, Wilco, the War on Drugs - while maintaining its own signature style - melodic movement, unexpected turns of phrase, and a pervading sense of romantic pessimism. Balto's latest record touches on the anxiety and emptiness that underlies so many aspects of our lives in the 21st century – every high and every low haunted by a shadow of doubt in its own intrinsic meaning - “Love is a fleeting beauty lost upon the young.”
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